Santa Rosa Junior College Transfer Agreements

Courses are taught on the basis of (i) the articulation agreement between California`s public institutions of higher education or (ii) the articulation agreement between the transferring institution and the institution (or departments), if applicable. In the absence of an applicable articulation between the transfer institution and the SSU, the student`s transcript is evaluated by the Admissions and Records Division of the SSU for the transmission of GE courses and by the Department of Engineering Sciences for the transmission of all other courses. For existing articulation agreements between California public universities, please visit the website at and/or If there is no articulation between the school where you want to go and the SRJC, you must have done additional research. Articulation is the process of evaluating courses to determine whether courses completed at one institution meet the requirements of another institution for admission, transferable units, general education or main preparation. . . .

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