Locker Agreement Format

The tenant may be a single operator or an associated operator. If the operator is single and dies, the nominee (as mentioned in the form or locker rental agreement) has the right to open the locker and take away the valuables kept there. If the nominee is a minor, his guardian has the right to open the locker. A minor can only be a nominee and does not have the right to open a locker alone or collectively. ]]> It is always best and advisable to keep the safe together. In this case, all joint applicants should be present in the branch and sign in the presence of bank officials. Therefore, if you plan to add or change the vault tenant name, you can use the application format shown below. I would like to add the name of my (mention the name and relationship with you) as a common tenant, in order to operate the safe (either by us alone or together/surviving from us). Below are attached his signature, copy of the identity card and fresh ”coward protocol”. Thank you very much. With kind greetings, your signatureYour addressYour phone numberProsignation of the added personSeine/your seine name/AdresseSun/ your contact number]]> If you want to change the tenant`s name, use the same format, but change the text to blue with the text shown below. .

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