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The faculty uses cutting equipment; a large library, accommodation and food contribute to the overall profile of the faculty. Medical training is of a high standard and aims at modern concepts of teaching and learning that offer active training of students in the educational process. blog.umftgm.ro/20-locuri-la-programul-de-masterat-…/ Ösztöndíjak, 2019-2020-as tanév blog.umftgm.ro/informatii-despre-bursele-sociale-b…/ In accordance with the structure of the academic year 2020/2021, approved by the Senate of the University of Med. ”George Emil Palade” in Târgu Mureș, pharmacy, pharmacy, science and technology, teaching activities in Târgu Mureș begin on September 14, 2020. blog.umfst.ro/comunicat-privitor-la-inceperea-anul…/. The difficult period that society is going through during this period must hold accountable the behaviour of every member of the university community, students and teachers, in order to face real difficulties. Registration, printing and signing after completing their online proposal for a first study program – draw by consulting the study offer on the official website of the university/university, for which the student applying and the courses of the Back Home program form indicating the academic results of previous years, including the first semester of the current academic year, if completed (by the faculties). . #ANUNȚ dear students, with regard to student documents and applications, please as during the holiday period and in the exercise of activities. Online teachers to stay in touch with the Dean of the Faculty by strictly forwarding your requests by e-mail in scanned PDF format (decanat.dentara@umfst.ro).

Looking ahead to the days when we can meet in a normal setting, we thank you for your understanding. . Health insurance/European Health Card. From 28 September, the measures will apply to the Dentalzentrum. Let`s take care of one another. Master: Prosthesis Implantation Technology Dean`s Certificate with the averages of the years of study completed. Let`s look at the work of our colleagues to learn how to research and create posters to gain useful experience on this topic next year! The event lasts only one hour, come and start the day! Form available from the Department of International Relations. Asigurare de sănătate, asigurare de accident si raspundere civila fata de terti Prof. Dr. Márta Radnai Head of Department Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute, qualified as summa laude with a doctorate and a diploma in habilitation. He specializes in dental and oral surgery as well as dentists and storage prostheses….

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