Academic Medical Center Affiliation Agreement

This evolution also increases the potential to increase our overall impact through biomedical and clinical research. We gain flexibility and freedom in developing new relationships in order to advance healthcare, which will certainly lead to innovative cooperation with other institutions. In the current health environment, this is absolutely essential, as is the growth of our system. STEP 4: The agreement is then signed by the relevant UNMC signatories (see more details on the contract signing authority). Even though the practice of medicine has changed in the century since we joined the CWRU School of Medicine, I would say that the last decade has brought much more radical changes. We and all academic medical centers and teaching hospitals have had to adapt to an environment that continues to change rapidly. In addition to the important advisory role that the membership committee plays, many organizations take steps to create reasonable opportunities for participation in their respective governance structures, typically through the designation of seats on the boards of directors and/or executive committees of the other (for example. B to a university`s health committee). The number of seats is largely determined by the current structure of the board of directors/committee, including legal or regulatory considerations (e.g. B in cases where members of the management board are appointed politically), but the overall degree of influence should be the same for both parties and correspond to the extent of the membership and nature of the partnership as a whole. In all cases, the intent of this cross-representation is to ensure that the impact on the GAC partnership is taken into account in decision-making at the highest levels of both organizations. Our goal is to eliminate the unnecessary time and resources currently spent on negotiating (and renegotiating) agreements, if a standard and predictable approach is sufficient.

The AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement is a simple and unique agreement that can be found on the AAMC website. This step should be taken as soon as possible, as the length of time an agreement is reached varies. Membership agreements should be designed to promote strategic and financial direction between organizations across mission areas, while recognizing that both individual and reciprocal objectives will develop over time. A well-functioning affiliate committee, made up of leaders from each organization, is essential to deal with these changes. STEP 3: The agreement must be verified by the organization and signed by the corresponding signatory, often the director. As far as clinical funding is concerned, a very effective instrument is to pool all clinical revenues at the system level (which allows joint contracts with health plans) and, in return, to distribute the funding to hospitals and to the faculty/doctor organisation or services through a performance-based methodology, which rewards productivity, access, quality and safety, as well as cost-effectiveness. Similar approaches should be considered for medical training and funding of mission support. For example, there is a clear trend towards shared risk models for mission support, which link discretionary funding to predefined metrics or the CMA`s financial performance. Specific measures and objectives will change as organisational priorities change and adapt to the market, but the underlying principles and mechanisms should remain transparent, formal and performance-based.

Parameters for joint programme planning and development should be a central element of any broader membership agreement, including clearly defined terms related to exclusivity. Mutual exclusivity between the two parties allows for a high degree of cooperation, transparency and joint decision-making. However, this is not immediately possible for many CMAs (e.g. B those who need universities that depend on multiple health system partners to train medical students and residents or geographically distributed health systems with important relationships between private practices in certain markets). . . .

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