Cal State Long Beach Transfer Agreement

Individual Cal Poly course agreements approved after April 30, 2019 are posted here. For information on course agreements running from the fall If you are considering moving to Cal State Long Beach, I highly recommend you see the school videos on CampusReel. They`re real students with real stories. The process of developing and reviewing programs and courses to determine the comparability of courses between institutions is the responsibility of the faculty of the institutions concerned. The faculty in the various disciplines is responsible for the effective verification of the content of the courses, the identification of comparable courses and the authorization to accept certain courses for the transfer of students. Once this formal verification, identification and formal written acceptance process had taken place, a course (or course order) would have been ”articulated.” Association, communication and collaboration between the faculties concerned are implicit in the articulation process, which together develop thought curricula and define requirements and standards for articulated courses. It is important to note that articulated courses should not be interpreted as ”equivalent” but as comparable or acceptable instead of each other. If the CCC believes that the course is transferable, the CSULB may accept the course as part of the CCC articulation agreement. Under this program, students with CSU GE certification and 60 transferable units will switch to CSULB.

If the student switches to a CSULB program similar to the associated degressation program for transfer, the student can be kept at the CSULB up to a maximum of 60 units to obtain the bachelor`s degree. Associate Degrees consists of California Community College courses with the name C-ID above, to ensure that the content of the corresponding courses is included. CSU campuses are encouraged to indicate that licensing programs are similar to associated transfer degrees, in order to promote transfer and diplomas in a timely manner. For more information, please contact the campus joint office (X58221). Joint agreements can be initiated by external universities or CSULB faculties. CSULB has joint agreements with the CCCs, some CSU and UC. Similarly, CSULB has only limited agreements with private and non-state institutions. If the school is a four-year school accredited at the regional level with the bachelor`s degree, we can accept units/credits at the university level. Courses that are not formally articulated or not offered by the CSULB may receive voting units or credits.

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