What Is A Contingency Search Agreement

The company could also work with several other research companies with a ”can win the best company” mentality. Lack of commitment from both sides is perhaps the best feature of this type of research. At the same time, it is also the worst feature. Think about it for a moment: do you really want to pay a company just because they found the average candidate the fastest and was the first to get the resume in your inbox? The selected research companies are also more invested in customer relations and research success, so they are committed to finding the candidate who perfectly fits your corporate culture and for the specific position. At Slone Partners, this means that candidates go through an in-depth review process that includes selection, video interviews, client interviews, a final interview, and an onboarding service with leadership coaching. However, contingency research has proven to be a successful research method. I will continue to work on emergency research for my clients who prefer this approach. However, if you are really determined to use a research professional to fulfill your role, there is a better option. Another difference is that the hired recruiter has signed up for a service level, sometimes a selected search can be a challenge and these projects can be quite tedious. The contingency recruiter simply moves on to another vacancy or client where they believe they can make an easier profit. A second option we like to use here at ERC is exclusive research. It`s more of a collaborative search where the company and recruiter work together to find and attract the person who is really fit for the job.

The ”exclusive” part of the agreement is just that: the position is exclusive to the research professional and cannot be filled by any other source during the exclusive period. Every search should be original and any research, if done correctly, should take some time. The problem with this type of research is that neither the recruiter nor the company is held responsible. How many positive results occur when no one is held accountable? The recruiter can accept the search and say, ”We`ll work for you, Mr. Hiring Manager,” and then quickly analyze certain contacts or job sites. If they are lucky and find a good fit, they send it.

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