Virginia Collaborative Practice Agreement Nurse Practitioner

The Department of Behavioral Health and DevelopmentAl Services is tasked with establishing the qualifications, training, and experience of peer recovery specialists. . The standards and requirements for the certification of a peer recovery specialist are managed by a collaboration between the state and an external non-profit certification provider. 12 goes. Admin. Code § 30-130-5190 Virginie allows the practice of teleder dentistry. (Recently adopted; Status not updated) E. Boards of directors may license an applicant to practise as a nurse if the applicant has been licensed as a nurse under the laws of another state and if, according to the boards of directors, the applicant meets the qualifications required by Commonwealth nurses for accreditation. Boards of Medicine and Nursing jointly adopt rules that establish cooperation and consultation between physicians and nurses working on patient care teams, including the development of a written or electronic practice agreement, as well as the periodic review and revision of a written or electronic practice agreement; ongoing availability and communication policies defining consultation between the cooperating parties and the patient; and regular joint evaluation of the services provided. Practice agreements include provisions regarding (i) the periodic review of health records that may include visits to the place where care is provided, the manner and frequency set by the nurse and physician of the patient team, and (ii) the contributions of appropriate health care providers in complex clinical cases and patient emergencies, as well as for remittances…

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