Confidentiality Agreements Tlumaczenie

I want to re-rent all those in this room, whom they have confidently signed in unity agreements. I would like to remind everyone in this room that they have signed an agreement to remain silent. Your father is forced to keep the trust of customers, but it`s not you. Your father has a duty of confidentiality to the client, but you do not. A confidentiality agreement prevents him from saying that he has made an offer. One could almost say an attachment to sacred trust. You might have one thing, an attachment to holy confidentiality. Our privacy is equivalent to a bank you might find in the Cayman Islands. At the same time, access to websites should only be given if the confidentiality of the information in question can be guaranteed. At the same time, access to websites should only be granted in situations where the confidentiality of the requested information can be guaranteed. What you propose in your report violates loyalty laws. What you propose in the report is contrary to the right of confidentiality.

However, we can also see that trust is necessary in some cases. But we also see that, in some cases, confidentiality is necessary. Secondly, the overcoming of professional confidence should be elaborated more precisely. Secondly, the provisions relating to the exclusion of professional secrecy must be displayed in detail. They were not upset by trust, which is clearly necessary for a particular example. They have not made a confidentiality commitment, which is clearly necessary, at least to some extent. It is one of the few places after 911 that did not change its banking trust laws. This is one of the few places that did not change banking law after 11/11.

Lobbyists do not need to be able to seek trust. Lobbyists cannot claim the right to confidentiality. We must of course know your name or your name in the strict confidentiality of the customer. Musimy znać pana. imię. lub imiona, oczywiście przy zachowaniu całkowitej tajemnicy clienta. She didn`t tell you about the confidentiality agreement, did she? Never powiedziała ci o poufności, prawda ? And in fact, it turned out to be much more than a confidentiality agreement. One of the key changes to the petitions process is the emphasis on the privacy or confidentiality of the petition. Jedną z ważnych zmian wprowadzonych do procesu petycyjnego jest nacisk na prywatność i poufność petycji. Ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement before revealing your idea. However, he is also obliged to respect the confidentiality of the information he receives.

Jednakże jest on również związany swoimi zobowiązaniami do przestrzegania poufności otrzymanej informacji. I need you to sign this confidentiality agreement. Zanim pokażę ci rękopis, musisz podpisać kilka dokumentów. It is likely that you indicate a confidentiality agreement and that you serve the processing time. He will likely sign a confidential agreement that will make it possible to assume that this is manslaughter.

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