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Filing date is 29.02.2012, document date is 15.02.2012 and filing date is 29.02.2012 document is an act of settling accounts. Is this valid? or other members of the family may object A rental agreement is a legal document that sets out the prescribed rental conditions of the rented property to be respected between the contracting authority and the tenant. Although the relationship between the client and the tenant is cordial most of the time, it is good to have a written lease when the relationship becomes furious or marred by complaints and misunderstandings. We`ve helped tens of thousands of people design their own agreements and contracts and save just as much time and money. Our adaptation templates will help you create your own legal documents at your convenience and at a minimum cost. If you opt for delivery, you will also receive the document with stamp paper at your door. In accordance with Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act, if you do not immediately use stamp paper, you can refund it to the collector within six months from the date of purchase and withdraw your money as a refund after deduction of 10 Paise per rupee. As stated above, agreements deposited on an old stamp document are valid. In Thiruvengada Pillai vs. Navaneethammal & Anr. (see here) was decided by the Honourable Supreme Court that the Indian Stamp Act does not impose an expiry date for the use of stamp paper.

The 6-month period referred to in section 54 simply indicates that a person holding stamp paper for which he or she has not had immediate employment and for which that stamp is not damaged, unfit or unnecessary may return it to the collector and be reimbursed for the value of the stamp paper after deduction of Paise per rupee. Section 54 does not require a person to use stamp paper within six months of purchase. Therefore, the refund of an old stamp document cannot be made after six months, but there is no restriction on its use. One of the most common features when entering into a real estate rental transaction in India is the prevalence of the 11-month lease or licensing agreements. An 11-month period is preferred by most landlords when entering into real estate rentals, as there are two types of agreements dealing with the rental of real estate in India, lease and leave & license agreement. You can use this document to perform a contract that dates from the date indicated in the registration document, but was performed before the registration date. Such an old agreement may be executed on such a stamp document. But if you do it only to deceive the government or take away from it the obligations and penalties provided for by the Indian Stamp Act or Registration Act or any other law in force in India, then you can be punished…

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