Skripsi Tentang Repurchase Agreement

The capital market is a public financial institution that serves as a meeting point for capital market players active in securities trading. The trading of the securities in question is a transaction of purchase and sale of securities, both for equity and for debt securities. On the basis of Law 8 of 1995 (Capital Markets Act) Article 1, point 14, the capital market is an activity related to the public offering of securities, public companies related to issued securities, and securities-related institutions and professions. In this case, in the case of capital market transactions, particularly reassure transactions, there is still a great deal of uncertainty and uncertainty in the law, which is why the researchers raised the title of this thesis entitled Problematika Transaction Repurchase Agreement in the scope of the Indonesian capital market. This research is descriptive, that is, research that systematically describes or describes the purpose of the research. The objective is to provide valid data on research topics and then analyze them according to legal theory and existing laws and regulations. The type of research used is normative legal research, which means research that verifies data in legislation and library studies. The research approach is a method or type of research. It is clear from the expression of the term that it is information in the form of a description and that it wants the meaning that underlies the legal material. In accordance with the type of research, namely normative legal research, it can be used more than one approach. This research used the legal approach and the conceptual approach. In this work uses the method of researching literature, namely the process of collecting data from the stolton library, normative legal research of library materials is a basic material called in scientific research in general secondary data.

Secondary data are subdivided into primary and secondary legal matters. Based on the above descriptions, the results of the researchers` research concluded that repurchase transactions consist of different types of transaction procedures, namely stock guarantee transactions, with an increase mechanism and a mechanism for the forced sale of shares. In addition, it is the responsibility of the repo/buyer to return the shares he acquired during the transfer of the repo or re-pension, but in this case, there is no obligation for the receiver to return with the same shares, but with identical shares of the same value. Often this repo is performed in a chain of re-repo aka. If one of the parties does not pay, breaks down or breaks down, the effect occurs in a chain.

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