Wuchopperen Health Service Limited Enterprise Agreement

In the space of a generation, health care has come out of nowhere as a fundamental right, Aboriginal infant mortality has been cut by more than half, more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are taking to university than ever before, and for Aboriginal higher education graduates, the employment gap has been filled. Suicide Prevention Australia is a leader in building partnerships across the mental health and community to change behaviour and attitudes towards suicide. The AOD Our Way program was designed to increase the capacity of communities, families and individuals to better respond locally to problematic use of ice and other drugs. The project manager position is based in Cairns, but will focus on this program across the country. If you report directly to the AOD Manager, you are responsible for ensuring that QAIHC meets its obligations and obligations of the AOD Our Way program, in accordance with its agreement with Queensland Health. The role is to ensure that services are engaged, supported and given the opportunity to participate in the AOD Our Way program. Puggy was the president-elect of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization (NACCHO), the highest national advisory body for Aboriginal health. NACCHO is a member of more than 144 Aboriginal Community Control Services and is the representative body of these services. Puggy was the first president of NACCHO from 1991 until his death. [1] Up to $500,000 (exclusive GST) will be available per service through a competitive application process. ”You can`t just solve high blood pressure, you have to think holistically about a person`s lifestyle and goals, the social context in which they live, and respect their independence. I had the chance to sit down with Wuchopper`s diabetic educators, nursing team, physio, nutritionists and Aboriginal health staff, and spend time at Raintrees Pharmacy. It was great to see the full range of allied health services and see how we can all work together to promote patient outcomes. This full-day event will provide a platform for information sharing and an integrated approach to improving cultural security and responsiveness of health care and improving health and well-being outcomes for indigenous peoples and communities.

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