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KINGSTON – More than 1,000 members of the United Steelworkers (ETC) have signed a new four-year collective agreement with Queen`s University. ”Our members recognize that we have negotiated a fair agreement in very difficult circumstances and that we have made improvements that go beyond other agreements in this area,” said Kelly Orser, President of USW Local 2010. This is your unique shopping for important information for union members. In this section, you`ll find your collective agreement, FAQs on your rights at work, reference documents on important issues such as retirement, harassment and harassment, and occupational health and safety. You can also view the teaching materials of the members of our various lunches and lessons and presentations. Earlier this year, ETC Local concluded a historic cooperation agreement in 2010 with other unions representing 6,000 Queen`s staff to present the university with a united front to deal with pension issues. The new agreement also improves the language of contracts, which affects conditions of employment, issues such as seniority and vacancy notices, union representation and the strengthening of the mandate of a joint employment services committee. Members of USW Local 2010, who work as office, administrative and technician staff at Queen`s, this week ratified an interim agreement negotiated by their union and the university. ”I commend the Office, the administrative and technical staff of Queen`s for their opposition to this agenda and for their solidarity in the negotiations on monetary and other improvements to their collective agreement.

Despite attempts by the provincial government and the university to impose a zero austerity policy, the new agreement provides not only for improvements in the language of the treaty, but also for monetary increases. Unions and the university will explore options to address pension funding and solvency issues, such as the creation of an employer-sponsored sectoral pension plan or the JSPP. The union and the university also agreed to work together on a proposal to ensure the sustainability of the workers` defined benefit pension plan. ”CTE members at Queen are for rent for challenging the austerity program that the provincial government and universities have tried to impose,” said Marty Warren, Director of USW Ontario. Workers who have not reached the highest level of pay in their respective wage rates receive additional ”step” increases on their networks over the last three years of the contract. Increases for most of these workers will average 2.5% per year over the last three years of the contract. Marty Warren, ETC District Manager, 416-243-8792, mwarren@usw.caPeggy McComby, ETC Area Coordinator, 613-546-1177, pmccomb@usw.caBob Gallagher, ETC Communications, 416-544-5966, 416-434-2221, ”We are now looking to the future and are committed to working with the administration to improve labour relations, which benefits staff, the university and especially our students,” said Mr. Orser.

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