Uhm Collective Agreement

Vella said it was a difficult time, but he was pleased that the Archdiocese of Malta understood the Union`s requirements and that, therefore, the increases that were to come into force continued to be granted. He said the new collective agreement will benefit workers from a variety of benefits, including strengthening family-friendly measures. When the agreement was signed, Pace Ross said the agreement was due to enter into force this year, but had been postponed for a year because of the pandemic. After the European Central Bank recommended to European banks, including APS, not to pay dividends to shareholders this year. He explained the impact of this decision on the archdiocese`s revenues. The Archdiocese of Malta and the Voice of U-M Workers signed a new collective agreement for workers in the curia courts and the Archbishop`s Church, after it was approved by the Diocesan Council chaired by Bishop Charles Jude Scicluna. Isabelle Farrugia, senior manager at U-M`s Voice of Workers, said the new agreement will allow workers to improve their working conditions not only by increasing their wages, but also by improving their careers. The new agreement for non-university university staff provides for improvements in the reconciliation of work and family life, improved flexibility, holiday leave, etc. The agreement, which will enter into force on 1 January 2021 and will last for a period of three years, was signed by the Administrative Secretary of the Archdiocese of Malta, Michael Pace Ross, and the Director General of the Voice of Workers of U-M, Josef Vella. The collective agreement provides, among other things, higher increases from next year, a longer service bonus, better recognition of worker education and development and training, as well as better wages. The Voice of the Workers (MUM) announced that a new collective agreement for administrative, technical and industrial staff at the University of Malta had been approved by 94% of voters. The agreement was also approved by the University Council on 23 February. The next step is for the agreement to be officially signed, the union said.

MCAST and UHM sign a collective agreement for the administrative and support staff of MCAST Pace Ross thanked the U-M Voice of the Workers for its understanding and all the workers for the sacrifices they make to make the work of the Curia and the Tribunal work. Education Minister Justyne Caruana completes 1st MCAST Research and Innovation Expo`20.

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