Commonwealth Edison Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Comed reached a deferred agreement with the U.S. law firm in July; the distribution company was admitted to a bribery program that began in 2011, and the same year, the General Assembly passed the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA), also known as the Smart Grid Act. In addition to the fine and the obligation to continue to cooperate with government investigations, ComEd`s obligations under the Deferred Prosecution Agreement include improving its compliance program and providing annual reports to the government on the remediation and implementation of its compliance measures. If ComEd does not fully fulfill its obligations under the contract during the three-year period, the Federal Crown may prosecute the offence. ComEd`s confessions regarding the offending conduct are contained in a statement of facts attached to the deferred prosecution agreement. ComEd acknowledged that its efforts to ensure that elected officials – who were identified in the presentation of the facts as ”Public Official A” – were influentially influenced and rewarded, began in 2011 or around 2011 and continued in or around 2019. During this period, the Illinois General Assembly considered bills and passed laws that had a significant impact on ComEd`s business and profitability, including legislation that influenced the regulatory process used to determine the electricity prices charged by ComEd to its customers. Official A controlled the measures requested to vote in the Illinois House of Representatives and exerted considerable influence on other legislators with respect to ComEd legislation. The company admitted that it organized jobs and supplier sub-contracts for political allies and Public Official A workers, even in cases where they did little or no work they claimed to have hired by ComEd. To date, Comed has worked extensively with federal investigations. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will continue to cooperate until the completion of all investigations and prosecutions resulting from the offending conduct. On Friday, the Chicago district attorney`s office released an indictment and an agreement, known as a deferred charge, in the Commonwealth of Edison, Illinois` largest electricity supplier, is charged with corruption. The deal came less than a year after WBEZ first revealed the kind of federal investigation into the involvement of politically connected contractors – some with ties to Illinois House of Representatives spokesman Michael Madigan – to get favorable government action, including increases in electricity prices.

On July 17, the Northern Illinois District Attorney`s Office announced that Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), Illinois` largest electricity supplier, had entered into a law enforcement agreement (DPA) with the United States.

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